Privacy Policy

  • I do not collect any personal information. I only store the information necessary to provide the URL shortening service(such as original long URL and password for modification).
  • I do not share information with any third parties, with an exception- I use Google Charts API to generate QR code for shortened URL.
  • I use Google Analytics to collect and analyse site statistics.
  • URLs shortened by are not private. You should not use to link to sensitive or secure data. Statistics on shortened URLs you create(such as count, creation date, etc.) are not private and are available to anyone.
  • reserves the right to change this policy and Terms of Service at any time without notifying its users.

Terms of Service

  • may NOT be used for creating shortened URLs that are used for spam or link to malicious content, any form of child pornography, other URL shortening or redirection sites, copyright material or any unethical material.
  • I can remove or disable shortened URLs if they violate Terms of Service or for any other reason.
  • Shortened URLs could redirect anywhere, follow them at your own risk and is not responsible for the content you visit.
  • is a free service, it comes with no warranty of any kind. I am not responsible for any loss you might suffer by using the service including losses in the event that the service stops operating, is unavailable or slow or suffers data loss.

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